Residential Tenancies Mental Health Problems A duty to accommodate and a tenant’s right to remain

RESIDENTIAL TENANCIES: Mental Health Problems, a Duty to Accommodate, and a Tenant’s Right to Remain in their Home By: Michael K.E. Thiele, B.A., LL.B., Plant Quinn Thiele LLP, Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Copyright 2007 The legislation governing most residential landlord and tenant relationships in Ontario is the Residential Tenancies Act S.O. 2006, c.17. (RTA). While the […]

A List Of Different Types Of Pumps

The necessity of the automatic pump is often overlooked in society, as it is not obviously apparent to the average person. This technological advance has made many industrial and civil labors more accessible and convenient and certainly more efficient. Basically designed to raise or transfer fluids, their applications include: irrigation, drainage, and sewage. They are […]

Sanskrit Quotes For Inspiration & Motivation

Welcome to Sanskrit quotes and quotations. With the help of this website, I intend to bring to you the best Sanskrit quotes and quotations from ancient Sanskrit language. Written in this Sanskrit language are the ancient spiritual & religious texts viz. Vedas, puranas & Upanishads, great poetical works viz. Ramayana & Mahabharata, earliest thoughts on […]

Branches Of Psychology

Psychology as a whole is quite a broad subject so to study it properly it has been divided in to various branches that tell about the different aspects of the human behavior, thoughts and experience. In this article some of the branches are mentioned and explained briefly below. Firstly it is Experimental Psychology, which is […]